Letters to my Daughters – February

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. This week I helped you write your names on valentine cards but before I know it you’ll be on your first date. Love truly is an amazing creature. As you collect life experiences, love comes with you for the ride. It grows with you, matures and changes and thankfully, there is always enough to go around. When I was young, I thought I knew what love was. Wild and overwhelming I tried to wrap my hands and heart around it. When I met your Dad, I realized that love is much more complicated and most of the time much less exciting. But it is the most comforting feeling in the world when you meet your equal and decide to share your life with him. Then I had you girls and I realized that I never knew what love was because the love of your children truly is the most powerful and terrifying feeling in the world.

So love large and often my girls! Most of all, do not be afraid to love because there is lots to go around and your heart is resiliant. Love the world, your friends, your family and most of all yourself and you will have a wonderful life I’m sure!

Love and kisses!

PS. Margot is the star of the show this month but there is one of both girls for good measure. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from January.

Please continue around our Letters to Our Daughters blog circle and visit Erin Pasilla I’m sure you will love her work and her words!










  1. What a beautiful letter to your girls. They’ll love that you write these to them each month. I especially love the belly button picture and the one with her looking out a window. What a fun window for pictures! I love the light, the framing of the curtains, and the rustic wood of the window and the desk.

  2. LOVE!
    What is not to love with these letters and your photos.
    Truly from the heart.
    These girls are so LOVED and so blessed to have you as their Mamma. WOW!
    So very happy to have you and your girls in our lives. And A too! 🙂

  3. Oh, goodness! What gorgeous images. And these words, “the love of your children truly is the most powerful and terrifying feeling in the world” could not ring more true for me! So happy to be linked up to you!

  4. A great letter about love and its power. Words that one day your girls will treasure. Love the photos but especially the belly button shot and the one just above it.

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